• Film productionFilm productionFilm production

    “People will say, 'There are a million ways
    to shoot a scene, but I don't think so.
    I think there are two, maybe.
    And the other one is wrong.”
    David Fincher

  • Video productionVideo productionVideo production

    Making sense
    Making sense

  • CommercialsCommercialsCommercials

    „It’s such a sadness, that you
    think you’ve seen a film
    on your fucking telephone.
    Get real!”
    David Lynch

  • Training VideosTraining VideosTraining Videos

    Making sense
    Making sense

  • MoviesMoviesMovies

    „The way I write is really like putting one
    foot in front of the other.
    I really let the characters do most
    of the work, they start talking
    and they just lead the way.”
    Quentin Tarantino


    Making sense
    Making sense

  • „The thing about art for me is that you
    can go on theorising your work forever,
    because it’s open to interpretation.”
    Takeshi Kitano

  • „I'm trying to escape by forming my own
    kind of world. Basically, I'm trying to
    encourage others to do the same.”
    Terry Gilliam

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Sensorium Film is a company creating motion pictures and holding educational workshops. We incorporate technical, communication and IT, integrating their results to promote the art of the new millennium.

Film production, Video production, Commercials, Training Videos, Movies, TV
Film production, Video production, Commercials, Training Videos, Movies, TV

Full service

- Creative Agency
- Advertising (image film, small / large movie) (photography / photo studio)
- Planning, Preparation (Pre-negotiation, Organisation, Permits, Lodging, etc.)
- Crew (Shooting, Lighting, Sound, Grip, Transport, Travel, etc. services)
- Location scouting, -management
- Talent management
- Extras
- Translators, Interpreters
- Legal services